Scouting Events

CASA Camporee 童軍大露營及競賽

CASA Camp-O-Ree was created to promote unity between our troops, to apply our scouting skills, and just have fun!

CASA Cuboree 幼童軍趣味競賽

Cub-O-Ree is an event that is a fun-filled one-day or weekend of games, crafts, and activities for Cub Scouts and their families. District holds weekend overnight camping Cuboree at Scout Ranch. 

CASA Cub Cookoree 幼童軍烹飪競賽

Cub Cook-O-Ree is a cooking competition event for all Packs to cook their meal from selecting dish, preparing food materials, cooking and presenting it.  It's a fun event for Cub families. 

Adult Trainings

BSLT 童軍幹部養成訓練

Training of adults to successfully deliver the Boy Scout program has evolved into a well-presented, thorough, curriculum of courses to be completed in sequence.

Wood Badge 木章訓練

The objective of a Wood Badge course is to demonstrate the aims and methods of Scouting. Five days in duration, the course is packed with leadership skills, organizational tools, and participatory activities. 

CASA Calendar

CASA 活动日历

CASA Camporee Themes and Patches

CASA Camporee is an annual campout where Scouts from units associated with CASA come together and compete in the name of their unit and patrol as well as demonstrate their Scout Spirit. Each year there is a unique theme.

Sun Tzu Art of War/孫子兵法 

Sep 2012 T495/C495 

The Four Great Inventions/四大發明 

Sep 2013 T408 

The Warring States/戰國

T485  2014 

The American Dream/中華移民 

T452  2015 

The Three Kingdoms/三國 

T453 Oct. 2016 

The Thirty-Six Stratagems/三十六计 

T468 2017 

Journey to the West/西遊記 

T606 2018 

Chinese Festivals/華人節慶 

T495 2019 

Chinese Philosophy/中國哲學 

T408 2020 

The 12 Chinese Zodiacs/十二生肖

 T688 Nov. 2021 

Lunar New Year/農曆新年 

 T452 Oct. 2022 

The Chinese Dynasties/中國王朝

T408/T2468 Oct. 2023